Volume 24 Issue 2

Formulation and Evaluation of Nystatin Microparticles as a Sustained Release System

Formulation and Evaluation of Ezetimibe Nanoparticles

Evaluation of Poisoning Cases in the Poisoning Consultation Center and Forensic Medicine Institute within Baghdad area

Potentiometric Transducers for the Selective Recognition of Risperidone Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymer

Phytochemical Study of Steroidal Sapogenin “Tigogenin” Present in the Leaves of Agave americana Cultivated in Iraq

The Effect of L-Carnitine as an Adjuvant Supplement on Lipid Profile in Iraqi Diabetic Patients

Bioequivalence and Pharmacokinetics Comparison of Two Formulations of Extended-Release Pentoxifylline Tablets in Healthy Subjects after Fasting and Fed Conditions

Preparation and Characterization of Montelukast Sodium ( SMLT ) as a Dual Sustained Release Buccal Strips

Measurement of Serum Trace Elements (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium
and Iron) Concentrations in Pediatric Patients with Otitis Media with Effusion in Iraq

Formulation and Evaluation of Domperidone Nanoemulsions for Oral Rout

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