Volume 25 Issue 4

Evaluation of the stress concentration of different incisal ridge preparations of porcelain veneers (Finite element analysis)

Caries experience in relation to salivary physicochemical and immunological changes among asthmatic patients in Mosul city / Iraq

The prevalence of Candida spp. in the saliva of controlled and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus type II patients

Evaluation of the effect of ER: YAG laser on apical microleakage (in vitro study)

Cephalometric analysis of craniofacial deformity of β- thalassemic major by using computed tomography

Dissolution of inorganic phosphorous ion from human enamel treated with different concentration of Siwak aqueous extract in comparison with sodium fluoride

The effects of unilateral premature loss of maxillary primary molars on the dental arch dimensions

Oral health status, dental knowledge and behaviors among children and adolescents (8-15) years old in the cities of Baghdad and Thamar

Effect of small cardamom extracts on Mutans streptococci and Candida Albicans in comparison to chlorhexidine gluconate and de-ionized water (In vivo study)

The effect of smear layer on push-out bond strength to dentin of Bioceramic sealer (In vitro study)

Digital panoramic estimation of chronological age among Iraqi adult population in relation to morphological variables of canine teeth

Evaluation of fracture strength of endodontically treated teeth restored by milled zirconia post and core with different post and core systems (An in vitro comparative study)

Effect of the examination stress on periodontal health status and salivary IL-1β among Iraqi dental students

Evaluation of tissue displacement in posterior palatal seal area with different impression techniques with varying palatal forms

The role of maxillary canines in forensic odontology

Incidence of Hodgkin's lymphoma of head and neck in Baghdad city

The effect of orthodontic relapse on the proliferation of fibroblast and epithelial rests of Malassez in periodontal ligament of rat molars (A histopathological study)

Inhibition of bacterial growth around gutta percha cones by different antimicrobial solutions using antibiotic sensitivity test (An in vitro study)

Effect of orthodontic tooth movement on salivary levels of Interleukin-1beta, Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha, and Creactive Protein

Postoperative assessment of dental implants by using multi-slice computed tomography

Salivary cortisol among low birth weight 5 years old kindergarten children in relation to dental caries (comparative study)

Local drug delivery systems for treating periodontal diseases (A review of literature)

Photogrammetric analysis of facial soft tissue profile of Iraqi adults sample with Class II div.1 and Class III malocclusion: (A comparative study)

Beta angle in a sample of Iraqi adults with Class I skeletal and dental relations and its correlation with other craniofacial measurements

Soft tissue facial profile analysis of adult Iraqis with different classes of malocclusion

Effectiveness of prophylactic agents in prevention of oral mucositis in patients with head and neck cancer receiving radiotherapy

Craniometric asymmetry assessment in class I and class II skeletal relationship patients using helical computed tomography sample aged between 18-35 years

The effect of addition of untreated and oxygen plasma treated polypropylene fibers on some properties of heat cured acrylic resin

Effect of small cardamom extracts on Mutans streptococci in comparison to chlorhexidine gluconate and de-ionized water (In vitro study)

Clinical and radiographical evaluation of pulpotomy in primary molars treated with Pulpotec (PD), Formocresol and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA)

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