Volume 25 Issue 3

The relationship among bite force with facial dimensions and dental arches widths in a sample of Iraqi adults with Class I skeletal and dental relations

Periodontal health status in relation to physicochemical characteristics of saliva among pre-menopausal and postmenopausal women in Baghdad city-Iraq

Awareness and knowledge of oral cancer among final year undergraduate dental students in Baghdad-Iraq

Oral health status in relation to selected salivary elements among a group of gasoline stations workers

Caries experience and salivary physicochemical characteristics among overweight intermediate school females aged 13-15 years in Babylon – Iraq

Root resorption and anti-dentine antibody level in serum and saliva of well-controlled type Ι diabetic patients undergoing orthodontic treatment

Periodontal health status and salivary enzymes level in smokers and non-smokers (comparative, cross sectional study)

Periodontal health status of heavy and light smokers and its correlation with salivary superoxide dismutase enzyme (A comparative study)

Effect of canal dryness and flaring on the accuracy of two electronic apex locators

Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in the extracellular matrix of osseointegrated and diseased implants

Evaluation of Propolis from Kurdistan region as a new resinous sealer in root canal obturation-part I biocompatibility study

Comparison of fit among different types of post restorations luted with conventional cement

Comparison of regional bond strength of post space of fiber-reinforced post luted with two types of cements at different testing times

Gender differences, facial profile and treatment need of malocclusion for a sample of Al-Muthanna governorate students aged 15 years

Effect of silica layer on bonding strength of thermoplastic nylon to cold cure acrylic resin

The relation between facial prognathism and cervical posture in skeletal class I Iraqi adult sample CT scan

Assessment of the relationship between maxillary sinus floor and maxillary posterior teeth root apices using spiral CT scan

The effect of thermocycling on microleakage analysis of bulk filled base composite in comparison to incrementally placed nanohybrid composite in class II MOD restorations (An in vitro study)

Marginal leakage of amalgam and modern composite materials related to restorative techniques in class II cavity (Comparative study)

Evaluation of antibacterial action of photosensitizer solution activated by diode lamp and three intracanal medicaments (in vitro study)

Prediction the widths of maxillary and mandibular canines and premolars from the widths of maxillary incisors and first molars (Iraqi study)

Antibacterial effect of cardamom and black tea aqueous extract on mutans streptococci in comparison to chlorhexidine (in vitro study)

The multi-detector computed tomographical analysis of bone density in impacted maxillary canines

Assessment of the esthetic smile in a sample of Iraqi Population

Evaluation of treatment of intra-bony defects with a mixture of β-tricalcium phosphate - hydroxyapatite granules and oily calcium hydroxide suspension

Determination of the effect of stress on the salivary cortisol level among sample of university students having myofacial pain

Gingival and alveolar ridge tumor-like overgrowth lesions

Surface properties of heat treated with different durations of titanium alloy dental implants

Clinical evaluations for the masticatory efficiency of heat cure resin and flexible types of denture base materials

X-ray diffraction and biocompatibility of glass ionomer cement reinforced by different ratios of synthetic hydroxyapatite

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