Volume 25 Issue 1

Effect of post-pressing times on adaptation of maxillary heat cured acrylic denture base at posterior palatal seal area

Effect of surface treatments and thermocycling on shear bond strength of various artificial teeth with different denture base materials

Push-out bond strength of different root canal obturation materials

The surface roughness of new fluoride releasing material after using three polishing protocols and storage in artificial saliva

Effect of different acids surface treatments and thermocycling on shear bond strength of composite resin to feldspathic ceramic

Assessment of some mechanical properties of Imprelon® and Duran® thermoplastic Biostar machine sheets in comparison with some types of acrylic resins

The effect of curvature angle and rotational speed on the cyclic fatigue of three types of rotary instrument (In vitro): comparative study

An in vitro evaluation of fit of the crowns fabricated by zirconium oxide-based ceramic CAD/CAM systems, before and after porcelain firing cycles and after glaze cycles

A study to compare the efficiency of different instrumentation systems for cleaning oval-shaped root canals (An in vitro study)

Immunohistochemical expression of Fas/Fasligand and c- Myc in oral lichen planus

Evaluation of salivary levels of Proteinaceous biomarkers Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP-8) and C-Reactive Protein (CRP) in type 2 diabetic patients with periodontitis

Evaluation of the effect of Autolougues Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix on osseointegration of the titanium implant immunohistochemical evaluation for PDGF-I&IGF-A

Expression of RANKL by dental cells during eruption of mice teeth

Oral manifestation biochemical and IgA analysis of saliva in hyperthyroid (Grave’s disease) patients (Comparative study)

Computed tomographic measurement of maxillary sinus volume and dimension in correlation to the age and gender (comparative study among individuals with dentate and edentulous maxilla)

Immunohistochemical expression of Basic fibroblast growth factor-2 and Heparanase in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Evaluation of the anterior loop of the mental nerve incidence and extension in different age groups in Sulaimania city using digital panoramic imaging system

Salivary assessment of Interleukin-6, C-reactive protein and albumin in ulcerative colitis patients in relation to oral findings

Immunohistochemical study of PDGF, IGF of radiated tooth rat embryo

The effect of autologous bone marrow-derived stem cells with estimation of molecular events on tooth socket healing in diabetic rabbits (Histological and histomorphometric study)

Factors associated with facial swelling severity following impacted lower third molar surgery: A prospective study

Relationship of maximum bite force with craniofacial morphology, body mass and height in an Iraqi adults with different types of malocclusion

The effect of thermocycling and debonding time on the shear bond strength of different orthodontic brackets bonded with light-emitting diode adhesive (In vitro study)

Shear bond strength of different lingual buttons bonded to wet and dry enamel surfaces with resin modified glass ionomer cement (in vitro comparative study)

Dental caries, Mutans Streptococci, Lactobacilli and salivary status of type1 diabetic mellitus patients aged 18-22 years in relation to Glycated Haemoglobin

Force decay of orthodontic elastomeric chains by using three different mechanisms simulating canine retraction

Bone density determination for the maxilla and the mandible in different age groups by using computerized tomography (Part I)

Concentrations of selected elements in saliva among a group of adolescent girls in relation to severity of caries and selected salivary parameters

Concentrations of selected elements in permanent teeth and enamel among a group of adolescent girls in relation to severity of caries

An evaluation of three fissure sealants microleakage with presence or absence of bonding agent through time intervals (In vitro study)

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