Volume 27 Issue 4

The Effect of Remineralizing Toothpastes on Enamel Surface Roughness after Hybrid Laser Bleaching (An In vitro Study)

The Influence of Different Fabrication Techniques and Preparation Designs on the Marginal Adaptation of Ceramic Veneers (An In vitro Comparative Study)

An Evaluation of the Solubility of Four Endodontic Sealer in Different Solvents (An In Vitro Study)

A Micro Computed Tomography Assessment of New Carrier-Based Root Canal Fillings

An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Different Gingival Retraction Materials on the Gingival Tissue Displacement (A Comparative In Vivo Study)

Preparation and Evaluation of Some Properties of Heat Cured Acrylic Based Denture Soft Liner

The Effect of Zirconium Silicate Nanopowder Reinforcement on Some Mechanical and Physical Properties of Heat Cured Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Denture Base Materials

The Effect of Plasma Treatment on Shear Bond Strength of High Impact Acrylic Resin Denture Base Lined with Two Types of Soft Lining Materials after Immersion in Distilled Water and Denture Cleanser

An Evaluation of Olive Oil as a Separating Medium and Its Effect on Some Mechanical Properties of Processed Acrylic Resin Denture Base (A Comparative Study). Part Two

An Evaluation of Some Mechanical Properties of Autopolymerizing Acrylic Resin with the Modified One after Changing the Curing Environment: (In vitro Study)

Validity of 3D Reconstructed Computed Tomographic Image in Using Craniometrical Measurements of the Skull for Sex Differentiation (An Iraqi Study)

Thickness of Buccal Bone at Various Sites of the Mandible and Its Clinical Significance in Monocortical Screws Placement Using Multi-Slice Computed Tomography

An Assessment of Oral Health in Hypertensive Patients Treated with HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (Statins)

An Assessment of Alpha-Amylase as Salivary Psychological Stress Marker in Relation to Temporomandibular Disorders among a Sample of Dental Students

P16 Protein and Human Papillomavirus (HPV16, 18) Expressions in Oral Lichen Planus and Squamous Cell Carcinoma

The Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Osseointegration Period of Dental Implants

An Assessment of Salivary Leptin and Resistin Levels in Type Two Diabetic Patients with Chronic Periodontitis (A Comparative Study)

Antibacterial Effect of Aqueous and Alcoholic Propolis Extracts on Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis (An In-vitro Study)

An Evaluation of Serum and Salivary Adipokines (Leptin and Resistin) Levels in Periodontal Health and Disease

ABO Blood Type in Relation to Caries Experience and Salivary Physicochemical Characteristic among College Students at Al-Diwania Governorate in Iraq

The Effects of Nano-Hydroxyapatite and Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate in Preventing Loss of Minerals from Teeth after Exposure to an Acidic Beverage (An In vitro Study)

An Oral Health Status and Treatment Needed in Relation to Dental Knowledge, Among a Group of Children Attending Preventive Department, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad

Prevalence of Pacifier Sucking Habit and Its Effect on Occlusion in Children Aged 1-5 Years in Baghdad City

Caries-Experiences and Dental Treatment Needs among (16-18 Years Old) in High School Girls in Al-Mussayb City, Babylon Governorate

Nasopharyngeal Dimensions in Relation to Some Dento- Cranial Variables in Class I and II Skeletal Patterns (A Comparative Cephalometric Study)

An Evaluation of Ion Released from Two Brands of Brackets in Three Types of Mouthwashes

A Clinical Method for Prediction of Alveolar Bone Mineral Density in the Area between the Second Premolar and First Molar in Iraqi Adults with Class I Occlusion

The Effect of Acidity Level on Ions Released and Corrosion of Metal Orthodontic Appliances at Different Time Intervals (An In vitro Study)

The Effect of Orthodontic Force on Salivary Levels of Alkaline Phosphatase Enzyme

The Effect of AcceleDent® Device on Both Gingival Health Condition and Levels of Salivary Interleukin-1- βeta and Tumor Necrosis Factors-Alpha in Patients under Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

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