Volume 27 Issue 2

The antibacterial effect of herbal alternative, green tea and Salvadora Persica (Siwak) extracts on Entercoccus faecalis

The effect of glass flakes reinforcement on the surface hardness and surface roughness of heat-cured poly (methyl methacrylate) denture base material

A study to compare the cleaning efficiency of different irrigation systems for macro debris removal in instrumented canals (An in vitro study)

Evaluating the effect of silver nanoparticles incorporation on antifungal activity and some

properties of soft denture lining material

Early and delayed effect of 2% chlorhexidine on the shear bond strength of composite restorative material to dentin using a total etch adhesive

Estimation of the linear dimensional changes of autoclave cured acrylic resin with multiple palatal depths and investment materials

Evaluation of the cleaning efficiency of the isthmus using different rotary instrumentation techniques (In vitro study)

Assessment of the oral findings, salivary oxidative status and IgA level among group of workers exposed to petroleum pollutants in Al-Daura oil refinery

Salivary IgA in chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis in Missan governorate

Clinicopathological analysis of oral squamous cell carcinoma in Iraq During period (2001-2013)

Flattening of the posterior slope of the articular eminence of completely edentulous patients compared to patients with maintained occlusion in relation to age using computed tomography

Histological and mechanical evaluation of the osseointegration of titanium implants by the modifications of thread design and/or coating with flaxseed (An experimental study on rabbits)

Effect of gender, age and tooth loss on the dimensions of incisive canal, and buccal bone anterior to the canal (Computed Tomography study)

Assessment of cortisol as salivary psychological stress marker in relation to temporomandibular disorders among a sample of dental students

Oro-facial manifestations, oxidative stress marker and antioxidant in serum and saliva of patients with Beta thalassemia major

Assessment of the Immunohistochemical expression of EBV in oral lichen planus

Periimplantitis- A review

Efficacy of arthrocentesis with injection of hyaluronic acid in the treatment of internal derangement of temporomandibular joint

Effects of light smoking on salivary levels of alkaline phosphatase and osteocalcin in chronic periodontitis patients

Time-related salivary cathepsin B levels and periodontal status in different orthodontic force magnitudes

Management of facial fistulas and sinuses

Evaluation of the effectiveness of coenzyme Q10 gel in management of patients with chronic periodontitis (I intra group comparison)

Effect of different staining materials on color stability of sapphire brackets bonded with different types of light cure orthodontic adhesives (An in vitro study)

Dental fluorosis, dental caries, and treatment needs in Al-Muthana'a governorate among 12 years old students

Congenitally missing and supernumerary teeth among a group of 3-12 years old children with cleft lip and/ or palate in Iraq

Load-deflection characteristics and force levels of coated nickel titanium orthodontic archwires

Depression status in relation to caries experience and salivary physiochemical characteristics among 15 years old students in Al-Swera city – Wassit Governorate-Iraq

Hard palate bone density and thickness determination using CT scan and their relationships with body compositions measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis for Iraqi adult sample

The effect of nutritional status on arch width and length of primary teeth among five years old kindergarten children

Effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles on total salivary peroxidase activity of human saliva (In vitro study)

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