Volume 27 Issue 1

The influence of cavity design for cusp coverage on fracture strength of weakened maxillary first premolars using two esthetic restorative systems (CAD/CAM hybrid ceramic and nanohybrid composite)(An in vitro study)

The influence of shifting the class I cavity position prepared in posterior teeth buccally and lingualy on stress distribution (Finite element analysis study)

Effect of systemic administration of Simvastatin on dental implant stability: A random clinical study

Salivary antioxidants in relation to dental caries among a group of lead-acid batteries factory workers

Salivary level of RANKL and OPG in chronic periodontitis

In vivo histological evaluation of the effect of the topical application of estrogen hormone on wounds healing in ovariectomized rabbits

Biomechanical evaluation of porous titanium implants (CpTi) fabricated by powder technology

Analysis of inflammatory cells in osseointegration of CpTi implant radiated by low level laser therapy

Histological and histomorphometric analysis of strontium chloride coated commercially pure titanium implant compare with hydroxyapatite coating

Assessment of some salivary enzymes levels in type 2 diabetic patients with chronic periodontitis (Clinical and biochemical study)

The effect of addition nano particle ZrO2 on some properties of autoclave processed heat cure acrylic denture base material

Evaluation of the relationship between curve of Spee and dentofacial morphology in different skeletal patterns

Evaluation the effect of hyaluronic acid on bone healing process in rabbits (Immunohistochemical study for TGF-β)

The effect of the addition of silanated poly propylene fiber to polymethylmethacrylate denture base material on some of its mechanical properties

Antibacterial effects of mineral trioxide aggregate and Biodentine TM after the addition of different concentrations of black seed aqueous solutions

An evaluation of the influence of different finishing lines on the fracture strength of full contour zirconia CAD/CAM and heat press all-ceramic crowns.

Phototoxic effect of visible blue light on Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans and Porphyromonas gingivalis in patients with chronic periodontitis (An in-vitro study)

The effect of inhaled corticosteroid on oral conditions among asthmatic children

Assessment of tongue space area in a sample of Iraqi adults with class I dental and skeletal pattern

Immunohistochemical assessment of tumor suppressor geneWwox in relation to proliferative marker KI67 proteins expression in giant cell lesions of the jaws and giant cell tumor of long bones

Evaluation of a new orthodontic bonding system (Beauty Ortho Bond)

The effect of incorporation of prepared Ag-Zn Zeolite on some properties of heat polymerized acrylic denture base materials

Effect of sodium fluoride addition as a disinfectant on some properties of alginate impression material

Evaluation of shear bond strength of zirconia to tooth structure after different zirconia surface treatment techniques

Evaluation of shear bond strength of zirconia to tooth structure after different zirconia surface treatment techniques

Augmentation of the localized bony defects with synthetic bone substitute in simultaneous dental implant surgery (Clinical study)

The effect of the addition of silanized Nano titania fillers on some physical and mechanical properties of heat cured acrylic denture base materials

Immunohistochemical expression of MMP9, as a marker of local invasion in Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the head and neck region

Effect of different palatal vault shapes and woven glass fiber reinforcement on dimensional stability of high impact acrylic denture base [part II]

The effect of incorporating carbon nanotubes on impact, transverse strength, hardness, and roughness to high impact denture base material

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