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Journal of engineering

The Journal of  Engineering was issued in 1986. It was Stopped from 1990 – 1997 because of the economic blockade. It restarted publication after the fourth scientific engineering conference for it published the papers that were accepted in the conference.It is a scientific engineering journal refereed by specialized and qualified professors in most of the engineering fields and those Specialists in the issued by the college of Engineering university of Baghdad  .It was serenely publibued , but from 2011 it has issued of monthly for the numerous papers submitted to the journal to publish their papers in this scientific journal in addition to some of the Arabs professors because the journal is considered one of the valued journals in the Arabic homelan .Many professions were the head editor of the journal from its first issue. The first one was prof.dr. Laith Ismail Namiq then prof.dr. Mohammed A.Alawis ,prof.dr.Ali A Al – kilidar prof.dr. Abdul-Ilah Younis and currently Prof.dr.Qais S. Ismail.


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Volume14 Issue1

Volume14 Issue2

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Volume14 Issue4


Volume15 Issue1

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Volume15 Issue3

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Volume16 Issue1

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Volume16 Issue4


Volume17 Issue1

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Volume18 Issue1

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Volume19 Issue1

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Volume19 Issue7


Volume20 Issue1

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Volume20 Issue4

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Volume20 Issue7


Volume21 Issue1

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Volume21 Issue6


Volume22 Issue1

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Volume22 Issue4

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Volume23 Issue1

Volume23 Issue2

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