Volume 28 Issue 3

Effect of Mouth Rinses on Surface Roughness of Two Methacrylate-Based and Siloraine-Based Composite Resins

Effect of Acidic and Energy Drinks on Surface Roughness of Three Types of Bulk Fill Composite Materials

A Comparative Evaluation of Apical Seal Associated with Ultrasonic Retrograde Cavities Filled with Bioactive Material (In Vitro Study)

A Survey of Prosthodontics Techniques Applied by Dental Practitioners in Sulaimani City

Evaluation of Mechanical and Histological Significance of Nano Hydroxyapatite and Nano Zirconium Oxide Coating On the Osseointegration of CP Ti Implants

Mechanical Evaluation of Pure Titanium Dental Implants Coated with a Mixture of Nano Titanium Oxide and Nano Hydroxyapatite

Immunohistochemical Expressions of AKT, ATM and Cyclin E in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

β- catenin Expression and Its Relation to Bryne’s Invasive Grading System in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Immunohistochemical Expression of MMP2, VEGF and D2-40 as Biological Markers of Local Invasion Potential, Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Verrucous Carcinoma

Salivary Immunoglobulin A Assessment in Lymphoma Patients before and after Chemotherapy

The Effect of Thymosin Beta 4 on Developing Dental Tissue (Experimental Study on Rats)

Histological Evaluation of Effect of beta-Tricalcium Phosphate on Bone healing in Alloxan-Induced diabetes

Expression of Syndecan 1 on Periodontium treated with opical Application of Aloe-Vera

Corrеlation bеtwееn Dual-Еnеrgy X-Ray Absorptiomеtry and Panoramic Mandibular Indicеs in Prеdiction of Bonе Minеral Dеnsity in Postmеnopausal Fеmalеs

The Usefulness of Mandibular Ramus as an Indicator in Sex Differentiation Using 3D Reconstructed Computed Tomography

Radiological Assessment of Mandibular Retromolar Canal (MRMC) Using CBCT-Radiographs in a Sample of Iraqi Patients

Evaluation of Systemic C-reactive Protein as a Systemic Inflammatory Marker in the Blood for Patients Undergoing Minor Oral Surgical Procedures

Evaluation of Systemic C-reactive Protein as a Systemic Inflammatory Marker in the Blood for Patients Undergoing Minor Oral Surgical Procedures

The Efficacy of Polidocanol foam Sclerotherapy in Treatment of Infantile Hemangioma and Slow-Flow Vascular Malformation

Correlation between Visfatin and Creatine Kinase Levels with Periodontal Health Status of Patients with Coronary Atherosclerosis and Chronic Periodontitis

Assessment of Alkaline Phosphatase, Salivary Flow Rate and Salivary Potential of Hydrogen in Relation to Severity of Chronic Periodontitis

Correlation between Caries Related Microorganisms in the Dental Plaque and Saliva with Dental Caries Level in the Upper and Lower Jaws in 5-9 Years Old Children in Baghdad City

The Effect of Upper Removable Orthodontic Appliances on Oral Candidal Mucosal Carriage

Comparison of Shear Bond Strength of Three Different Brackets Bonded on Zirconium Surfaces (In Vitro Study)

Assessment of Salivary Secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIg A) Level during Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Comparison of Immunoglobulin IgA Level in the Stimulated Saliva of Caries-Free and Caries-Active Children Aged 7-10 Years

Asthma and Inhaled Corticosteroid Effect on the Dental Arch Morphology in Children

Tooth Wear in Relation to Selected Salivary Variables among a Group of Older Adults

Microleakage of Pit and Fissure Sealants after Using Different Occlusal Surface Preparation Techniques: An In Vitro Study

Significance of Salivary miRNA 21 Determined by Real Time PCR in Patients with Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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