Volume 23 Issue 4

تاثير تدريبات هوائية خاصة في تطوير السرعة الهوائية و معدل التمثيل الغذائي للاعبي الاحتياجات الخاصة في لعبة خماسي كرة القدم


Exercises Of Explosion Ability For Muscles Of Legs According To Principle Of Moment Push & Effect Of Achievement Long Jump for Juniors


Anxiety and its Effect on Exercising Physical Activities for the


Strength Defined By Speed and Its Relationship with Dribbling Speed in Futsal Players


Develop speed endurance with two distances (12 ,24 m) and their effects Agility element for basketball players


The Impact of proposed exercises according to some biomechanical variables in the development of speed return the topspin serve in tennis .


Effect power transmission by flexible fixed and moving on some of the variables earth-strikes for players of tennis team Anbar University


دراسة تحليلية مقارنة لبعض المتغيرات البايوكينماتيكية و نسبة الفاعلية بين بعض انواع مهارة الارسال بلعبة الكرة الطائرة


The relation speed tolerances pulling strength and level of achievement in the 2000m (rowing) competition


Studying Some Angles Of Muscular Work in the Second division of Clean Jerk From Squat and Split


The impact of standardized training curriculum in terms of pulse in the development of speed and bearing of achievement in swimming the 100-meter free for youth


proposal to develop the performance skills to stand on their hands Palmrjehp on a parallel, the importance of giving in such research belong to the parallel system, as well as skill as key to the majority of the skills of your parallel port


A comparative analysis in the cognitive processing of information at the coaches age groups ( Under 21 years old) football, according to the system of representation usually( Auditory, visual, sensory )


Effect of absolute strength training the muscles of Legs in some variables Albyukinmetekih for take off and achievement by the high jump


Impact exercises especially on different floors in the development of motor response speed and skill of the reception of the volleyball players


A comparative of cologe physical education study between the individual games in teaching communication skills education in accordance with years of experience


Analytical comparison of the explosive force of two men among the first specialty in my game volleyball and basketball for students in the fourth phase angle College of Physical Education


Effect of balance exercise on the performance of mobile clapotement my skills and change the direction the peaceful Altahedifah basketball


((Analyzing the Performance skills for Al Minaa club first club compactions season2003-2004))


Use the suggest account Equation to limited achieve level for Javelin throw


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