Volume 23 Issue 2

The impact of feedback on the most important variables according to Elkinmetekih in the level of performance to pass the barrier for the beginner to the effectiveness of (110) meters hurdles


تاثير تمارين باستخدام النموذج التعليمي في تعلم مهارة رمي و استلام الحبل مع اداء لوثبة الخطوة في الجمناستك الايقاعي


Specifying Knee Joint Angle (90) For Different Limb Heights And Its Effect On Oxygenic Power In Standardized Harvard's Test


The relationship between some types of special force of arms in the accuracy of the effectiveness of shooting a bow and arrow


The effect of playing a curriculum for the development of language communication for children People with autism spectrum


A comparative study for some Kinematical variables of (400)m running between the Iraqi and World run


Capacity development exercises interoperability side with private competition and the impact of the correction accurately and falling pitch (7) M in Handball


The use of exercises and ballistic Albulayomtri in the development of power characterized by the speed of the muscles of the legs and their impact on the completion of the long jump


Anxiety Level And Its Relationship With The Position of Player In Basketball


The Impact of Skill Exercises Similar to the Circumstances of the Race on the Performance of Some Offensive Skills Composite Basketball Ages (18 years) and less


Tndicators of the Individual different ces in Bodily measurements between male and female in age (12-13) Years


اثر التدريب المتجمع و المتوزع في مستوى اداء مهارة الضرب الساحق من الوثب بدون خطوة و من خطوة بالكرة الطائرة


نموذج مقترح لتوظيف الحاسوب الالكتروني في دروس التربية الرياضية لمدراس تربية الكرخ / 1 المتوسطة


Effectiveness of the percentage of contribution of some variables Bayocnameteki performance skill to hit the ball crushing back plane


العوامل الاجتماعية المؤثرة في تحقيق التفوق الرياضي للاعبي كرة القدم


The impact of mechanical response in the control steps and the level of the first phase Performance of some defensive skills to the player a free ball in volleyball


The effect of using helpful method according to some kinematic changes in shooting accuracy from the free aria in basket ball for the helds up players on the moving chairs


Relation ship between fat rate and physical ability for student Age (11-12 year) Baghdad city


Special exercises for the development of kinetic speed in different lines of play and their impact on the skill of running the ball for youth (ages 17-19)


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