The Iraqi Journal of Agricultural sciences

The Iraqi Journal of Agricultural science (TIJAS) was established in 1966 in the college of Agriculture – University of Baghdad. It was published with two issues each volume. In 2000, TIJAS started with six issues each volume till now (2012). In this year the volume number of TIJAS is (43). TIJAS covers papers in plant & animal sciences, besides, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Mechanization and basic sciences, such as Chemistry and Physics Related to light, heat, water and winds. Each volume includes around 75 articles, about 12-15 article/ issue depending on a reliable accepted paper for publication. 


Volume - Issue


Volume39 Issue1

Volume39 Issue2

Volume39 Issue3

Volume39 Issue4

Volume39 Issue5

Volume39 Issue6


Volume40 Issue1

Volume40 Issue2

Volume40 Issue3

Volume40 Issue4

Volume40 Issue5

Volume40 Issue6


Volume41 Issue1

Volume41 Issue2

Volume41 Issue3

Volume41 Issue4

Volume41 Issue5

Volume41 Issue6


Volume42 Issue0

Volume42 Issue1

Volume42 Issue2

Volume42 Issue3

Volume42 Issue4

Volume42 Issue5

Volume42 Issue6


Volume43 Issue0

Volume43 Issue1

Volume43 Issue2

Volume43 Issue3

Volume43 Issue4

Volume43 Issue5

Volume43 Issue6

Volume43 Issue7

Volume43 Issue8


Volume44 Issue0

Volume44 Issue1

Volume44 Issue2

Volume44 Issue3

Volume44 Issue4

Volume44 Issue5

Volume44 Issue6



Volume45 Issue0

Volume45 Issue1

Volume45 Issue2

Volume45 Issue3

Volume45 Issue4

Volume45 Issue5

Volume45 Issue6

Volume45 Issue7

Volume45 Issue8


Volume47 Issue0

Volume47 Issue1

Volume47 Issue2

Volume47 Issue3

Volume47 Issue4

Volume47 Issue5

Volume47 Issue6



Volume48 Issue1

Volume48 Issue2

Volume48 Issue3

Volume48 Issue4

Volume48 Issue5

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