Journal of the faculty of medicine Baghdad

Speciality : medicine
Journal : specialized
Type of issue : quarterly
Issn : 0041 – 9419
Identification profile : It is an educational journal interested in the clinical researches and the primary researches and pursues the scientific developments that the researches depend on for scientific promotions .
Date of issue : 1937
Means of contact : 07709826825
Chairman of editorial board : prof. Dr. Tharwat Idriss Sulaiman
Editor : prof. Dr. Zaid Abdul Majeed al – Midfaei
Editorial board : 
Prof. Dr. Fadhil al – Khafaji
Prof. Dr. Munthir al – Obeidi
Prof. Dr. Suad al – Windawi
Prof. Dr. Salim al – Saraf
Prof. Dr. Waleed Mustafa
assistant prof. Dr. Nabeel Abdul Wadood Rasheed
assistant prof. Dr. Muhammad Marouf al – Aani
assistant prof. Dr. Numan Nafie al – Hamadani
prof. Dr. Hadaf Thafir
assistant prof. Dr. Afraa Mahjob al – Nadawi
Advisory board :
Prof. Dr. Hikmat al – Shaerbaf
Prof. Dr. Nazar al – Hasani
Prof. Dr. Hikmat Abdul Rasul
Prof. Dr. Thafir al Yassin
Prof. Dr. Azam Kanbragha Younis
Rof. Dr. Zakaria Yahya
Prof. Dr. Ayad al – Beer
Prof. Dr. Dawood Sadiq al – Obeidi
Assistant prof. Dr. Maha Sulaiman Younis
Prof. Dr. Sarmad Khonda
Prof. Dr. Zuhair al – Bahrani
Prof. Dr. Mahjob al – Nadawi
Prof. Dr. Falih al – Bayati
Prof. Dr. Majid Sulaiman
Prof. Dr. Safa al – Obeidi
Prof. Dr. Ghasan al – Shama'a
Prof. Dr. Hayder al – Hamami


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