The effect of certain disinfectant agents on alginate impression material

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05/5/2014 11:12 AM

The effect of certain disinfectant agents on alginate impression material

Hanan A Al-Harby, B.D.S., M.S.C. (1)
Ibrahim Kb. Ibrahim, B.D.S., C.E.S., D.S.O. (2)


Background: Dental impressions must be considered the potential to transmit the serious diseases to all dental personal who routinely handle them; it is therefore recommended to disinfect dental impressions for all patients.
Materials and methods: Five alginate impressions were made of bronze model with a complex surface of small pyramids and flat surface in the middle part using perforated acrylic resin trays. These impressions were treated separately with selected disinfecting agent [Hexyl tiethyl ammonium chloride salt, Tetra butyl ammonium iodide salt, Iodophor, Ethanol and 2-propanol]. Dimensional accuracy, surface detail reproduction, setting time was investigated after disinfection of alginate. The data was analyzed by a computerized statistical program. Results: The results showed that the dimensional change was statistically in significant for most of the dimensions at 5 percent level except some measurement show slight significant difference related to dimensional accuracy.
Regarding reproduction of surface details, the results showed insignificant difference of the mean scores of experimental groups among the three evaluators. It was found that treating the alginate with the selected disinfecting agents will accelerate the setting time of the material.
Conclusion: The testing disinfecting agents can be used safely regarding dimensional accuracy and surface detail reproduction, although setting time will be influenced compared to control alginate.
Key wards: Alginate, disinfection, dimensional changes, surface detail.

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