Kinds of attack and its activity on Iraqi sitting volleyball leagues

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26/4/2015 10:49 AM

Kinds of attack and its activity on Iraqi sitting volleyball leagues


The thesis comprises five chapters:
Chapter one: Definition, This chapter puts forward a definition of the research of skills are divided into defence skills and offence skills. The offence skills are very effective in scoring points thus winning a game especially in Iraqi sitting volleyball The importance of the study lies in identifying in the level of performing spike and other offence skills in all Iraqi sitting volleyball leagues and The research aims at:
1- Identifying the most important types of offence using elite Iraqi sitting volleyball league
2- Identifying the effect of some types of offence on the results of Iraqi sitting volleyball league
And Hypotheses High pressure on the side of the court that is most used in elite Iraqi sitting volleyball league Fast offence is the most effective in sitting volleyball Chapter two Theoretical, what the meaning of offence and similar studies Chapter three: Procedure The researcher used the descriptive program of the survey analysis as it suits the nature of the problem the chapter includes the specimen, the tools used the format, the pilot experiment and the proper statistical ways to treat the results Chapter four: It includes the presentation of the results which achieve the aims and the hypothesis of the study. They were analyzed and discussed Chapter five the Conclusions include the following High offence from the side (location 4 and 2) was the most types of contribution High medium back offence had the lowest types of contribution Rapid offence was more effective that the other types Recommendations The necessity of knowing the factors that effect on offence sitting volleyball (corners, distance ,high ,speed) depending on length and width of court and Training most of players on offence tactics and not depending on one or two players.

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