The impact of training on muscle strength on some biochemical variables of the handball players

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26/4/2015 10:35 AM

The impact of training on muscle strength on some biochemical variables of the handball players

Montaha Mohammed Fahdawi

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That the game of handball and one of the sports task that depends on the reality of intact muscle strength for effective, not that the work of those muscles is subject to chemical changes Kalomlah mineral and enzymes that are key to energy production, from here and in order to understand the correlation between the level of performance of the muscle response contents of the physical effort as knowledge level of the enzyme choline Asturnd (AchE), so is the research problem in the development of a training program for muscle power and private study what happens inside some of the skeletal muscle of variables Biochemical to give a clear picture of the level of training of special force in one of the games the task, namely to handball .
The researcher used the experimental method on a sample number (16) player after the preparation of special strength exercises during the duration of the program (10) weeks, and by (36) and unit training, unit training time and a half hours.
Curriculum appeared on 26.04.2011 approved on Tuesday and ended on 26/7The researcher used the bag statistical spss to know the differences between the tests before and after, so results of the tests biochemical increase in the activity of the enzyme acetylcholine Chollsstasz and some mineral salts recommends, therefore, the researcher based on the development of training programs according to the theoretical physiological possibility of drafting vocabulary adaptation and assimilation physiology of muscle force

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