"The Effect of exercise on some proposed changes in terms of the respiratory Spiro Palm device and the development of speed and Achieving 1500 Running"

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19/4/2015 1:12 PM

"The Effect of exercise on some proposed changes in terms of the respiratory Spiro Palm device and the development of speed and Achieving 1500 Running"

By Abdul Razzaq Abstract
Jaber Almajidi

Ensure that current research objectives, namely:

1. Develop a training program for respiratory bear after the disclosure of the level of the respiratory system.
2. Identify some differences in the functional variables of the respiratory system at rest and after effort in the research sample.
3. Identify the differences in the development of speed in carrying him in the pre-testing in the post sample.
4. Identify the level of achievement to the players contest (1500 m) in the pre-testing it in the post.
The researcher used the experimental approach to relevance and the nature of the research, formed the research sample of national team players for young people to Rakda 1500 m and of their number (6), was homogeneity among the members of the sample, the researcher adopted experimental design The experimental group one, was tested sample in the tests in question were determine the training program, which consists of 10 weeks, three training units per week, and has been the implementation of the Tribal tests, after which it was implemented the training program, and then testing the performance of a posteriori tests the same way as tribal.
The researcher concluded the following:
The existence of significant differences at the application level rather than statistical work for all variables of the study, which was reflected at the level of sporting achievement. Training variables were not set high level research has show that by the results of the capacity of the respiratory tract and vascular. Did not elevate levels of development of the results of functional devices in place to Find the planned level for the sample, which requires continuous follow-up field to improve the level of stress among a sample search. Have emerged with significant differences in speed among a sample search. That the use of modern equipment placed research has identified and accurately track the real test for the preparation of the players from the standpoint of technical and health.
The researcher recommended the following:
Input variables such as a change of training intensity and the means and methods of training on the vocabulary of the training program to increase the capacity of the respiratory system. And work on research in the impact of chemical and hormonal receptors at the level of achievement. And the adoption of the current study as a basis for assessing the level of physical capacity and pulmonary respiratory variables. And use of indicators in place to regulate the level of research training in the research sample selected. And the use of theory in physiological training for the development of training programs.

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