The impact of the use of teaching strategies to learn some basic skills handball

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15/4/2015 12:41 PM

The impact of the use of teaching strategies to learn some basic skills handball


researcher: - Asra Yassin Abdul-Karim


A search on the five-doorPart I included this section on the front and the importance of research: You may have gained teaching methods Newtrends in the world because of their influence on the capacity of the human mind began organized efforts to employ strategies of modern educational in designing programs that meet the needs of the learner because the learner is influenced to a large extent the tactics we followed teacher, so the importance of learning which is based on the basis of experimentation and the application to convey the effect is easier than learning the deaf, who teaches him the learner only has emerged new styles of teaching helps to transfer the educational process subject to the learner. The problem, it is through the practice of the researcher to the teaching profession for the observed decrease level skills to students and failure to achieve the educational goals set for the platform in addition to the use of style Prince in learning the basic skills and lack of time and short duration of the semester in addition to the large number of students used the teachers style Prince just so felt the researcher to use the strategies and methods of multiple learning as a reaction to see deficiencies in the educational environment and in accordance with modern trends in education in general and special motor skills and most important of these methods is the method the cooperative and conjunct.1-3 Objectives of the research 1. Identify the impact of the use of cooperative learning strategy to learn some basic skills in handballHypotheses 1-41. No significant statistical differences between pre and post test and in favor of the post test and the experimental group and three groups to learn some basic skills in handball.1-5 areas of research1_5_1 domain of the human: the first phase students | Department of Physical Education | Faculty of Basic Education | University of Mustansiriya.1_5_2 temporal area. For the period from 10 | 12 | 1 201 and up to 23 | 2 | 20121_5_3 spatial domain. Interior hall of the Faculty of Basic Education \ Mustansiriya UniversityChapter Two theoretical studies have dealt with similar and researchers to the current research topics related to the strategies of teaching and learning styles in physical education, including the prescriptive approach and cooperative learning and basic skills in handballTitle III research methodology and procedures of the field has the researcher used the experimental method and the sample was divided into three groups, each group learned a different style (the style of learning together and the style of cooperative learning and style Prince was homogeneity of the sample after the application of vocabulary curriculum proposal, the researcher conducted a posterior tests and good were processed means Statistical.Section IV contains the analysis and the presentation and discussion of results, the researcher presented and the analysis and discuss the results and put them in special tables down to the conclusions and commendationsPart V included the door (3) conclusions, including: -1 - the use of peer-directed learning style leads to improve the skill level of some basic skills handballFinally, the researcher recommended a number of recommendations, namely: 2 - Use of modern methods of learning in teaching due to the increased number of students in groups, teaching, helping to exploit the space of time and effort and provide skills upgrading for students

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