A study of the skillful activity of Taekwando players’ performance

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25/3/2015 9:19 AM

A study of the skillful activity of Taekwando players’ performance

Khaled Mohmoud Ahmed / Lecture senior in college of basic education, Al – Mustansiriyah university


The present study aims at evaluating the positive and negative skillful performance activity through finding the activity and comparing the contest rounds technical activity, the study was conducted on (4) players participated in Iraq Taekwando championship advanced competitor for Olympic weights last year 2009 . The researcher adopted the descriptive method using the survey style, validity and reliability of the tool of the study have been calculated using the suitable scientific methods. A form way given to individual to record his technical performance activity and found out the scientific conditions which they should have for it. Following the use of the appropriate statistical treatments, the researcher Came out with various conclusions most important of which is puedominancey the offensive technique in the first rounds and resorting to the defense in the other rounds. Furthermore, it was also concluded that there was a kind of neglecting to mental training and the psychological preparation for the contests, the researcher found out weakness in planning training ( the offensive and defensive ) and how to behave in emergencies and embarrassing situations. The researcher strongly recommends the necessity of distributive players physical and skills efforts on the contest three rounds paying attention to the complete preparation of athletes without engorging the psychological and mental activities, players should make use of the contest time and weak points. The research opens new horizons for similar researcher.

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