Effect of pillar Alemtemvsal at the level of learning in simple attack epee

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22/3/2015 8:32 AM

Effect of pillar Alemtemvsal at the level of learning in simple attack epee


Have proven educational methods are clearly the importance of applications of different skills in helping learners to understand and pass the various stages of education and contributed to the effort to reduce costs and shorten the time. The study aimed to identify the impact of the use of pillar Alemtemvsal simple to learn the attack with a weapon Blinds. The use of researchers experimental approach to the research sample of novices belonging to the training center of the duel in Sadr City's (20) learners were divided into two experimental and control group and by ten for each group, after conducting tests of tribal skills of offensive attack simple (stab straight direct stab Ptgieralatjah and stab incisor) were prepared curriculum and depending on the vocabulary of the coach has identified module be (45 minutes) and by two units a week for five weeks, has taken into account, the researchers learn of the experimental group with the coach with the assistance pillar Alemtemvsal and train control group with the coach without a constructive mode has been isolated pillar Alemtemvsal time for players outside the module to prevent any exercise or training, and after the end of the curriculum was a post test and processing the results. It was concluded that the pillar Alemtemvsal a positive effect in learning a simple attack with a weapon Blinds. The researchers recommended the design and ways to help more advanced technology and learn some skills in offensive duel.

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