Development Muscular force by using wooden wall and its effect on teaching some of basic skills of the pommel horse

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22/3/2015 8:28 AM

Development Muscular force by using wooden wall and its effect on teaching some of basic skills of the pommel horse


1. Making a wooden wall & known its effect on development Muscular force for empirical group.
2. Knowing the differences between tow the controlling & empirical groups by the results of the tests on some of basic skills of the pommel horse.
3. Knowing about the rate of progress of some basic skills of pommel horse for two controlling empirical groups.
The sample of the paper has been chosen in terms of the vertical method, the study incorporates 12 players of those who are training at the gymnastics center ( the gymnastics hall of the south sports club , their age from 8 – 10 years , the researchers have eliminated two players for their participating in the experiment the individuals of the research sample has been chosen randomly by employing the lottery plan , the sample has been divided into equal groups of 5 players for each group according to the lottery plan. After defining the members of the two groups of the research sample ( the empirical & the controlling ) , the preliminary tests were done on Thursday 24 / 12 / 2009, the main experiment was applied on Sunday 27 / 12 / 2009. It lasted for eight weeks including 24 teaching unit , It incorporated 3 teaching unit per week , the time of a teaching unit was 50 minutes, the two groups ( the empirical & the controlling ) were exposed to the same teaching conditions , the controlling group was taught some basic skills on pommel horse depending on the dynamic teaching program related to the gymnastics union & by professional trainers at the union , the same skills were taught the empirical group employing a wooden wall, after completing 24 teaching unit , the final tests were done on Sunday 21 / 2 /2010. After processing the data by the computer by using the statistical program 11 Ver SPSS, the study has reached the following conclusions: 1. The empirical group ( used the wooden wall ) advanced the controlling group in the tests results of the final skilling variables, this has been shown by the different results. 2. The empirical group advanced the controlling group in the progress average of all the basic skills of pommel horse, the back referring descending skill achieved better progress 57 % & achieved low progress rate in the skill of getting in and getting out from the same direction 46 %. The recommendations of the study are: 1. Generalizing the use of wooden wall at gymnastics halls & training center. 2. Developing the wooden wall to go with the development of the physical side of other ages.

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