Methods of public relations and propaganda in government institutions

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17/2/2015 11:33 AM

Methods of public relations and propaganda in government institutions

Zainab Laith Abbas University of Baghdad / College of Science for Women


Is a public relations one style of communication based on the establishment of bridges of understanding and empathy with groups that deal with them, they are deliberate efforts and the goal to influence the opinions of others through mutual communication as it depends the success of any organization to keep the relevance to the public a strong through the communication system practiced by. The resort system of public relations to propaganda to achieve his goals and his destination using multiple methods, relations public is different from advertising the fact that the latter might seek to influence the thoughts of the masses and be subject to a kind of psychological pressure to win their support unconditionally, without leave of the public the opportunity to make the determination freely and with conviction. In order to achieve public relations goals they use means of communication in all its forms Kasahafh, radio, television, movies, posters, exhibitions ..... Etc., in order to influence public access to and achieve goals. The PR employs the media and used as tools to influence and persuasion as working through the exciting media and the response of individual's attempts to convince the masses depends on identifying topic clearly and attention by showing aspects of emotional because they undermine people's attention and Chdhm him more of highlighting aspects of mental, ie, that address the emotions faster and more powerful than address the minds and methods can be used together, emotions and mind, while the propaganda work requires the use of both emotional and logical Alastmalat and is often a focus on Alastmalat emotional impact on the individual and his goals. And public relations departments used four strategies as methods of communication to convince. There are also tactics to build the message for the public relations programs, help make the message meaningful address the motives of the target audience away from the propaganda to achieve the goals.

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