Meaning From a Logical Perspective

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17/2/2015 10:50 AM

Meaning From a Logical Perspective

By Assist. Instructor Atheer A. Rashid


This paper is intended to focus on the existing relation between 'logic' and 'meaning', and how 'meaning' is looked at through logical perspective. Besides, this paper adopts simple logical symbols to represent some aspects of meaning.
Since meaning is still regarded as a thorny area that needs further study to determine its nature and borderline, this paper proposes to resort to logic and logical rules. This paper points out how logical rules are used and how they clarify some oblique sentences. The paper also sheds light on how meaningful sentences are logically symbolized and how logic can define the borderline of meaning in an adequate manner. This paper hypothesizes that logic, logical rules, and logical symbolization can play a major role in solving problems related to meaning.

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