Argumentation function in Nahj Al -Bilagih –Reading in patterns and significances

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12/2/2015 9:35 AM

Argumentation function in Nahj Al -Bilagih –Reading in patterns and significances

Dr. Hadi Shandoulch Hameed
Dr. Haidir Birzan sikran


Argumentation has instrumental function in human mind organization due to the impact of the dominant cultural structure Where prophet messages are structured on the idea of argumentation which would lead to construct and reform the human mind ٠ the research Character imam Ali is an obvious example of perfect harmony between theory and practice in dealing with hytimme problems The research is of introduction and two sections The introduction tackles the Concept of argumentation Linguistically and idiomatically and the relationship between argumentation and Nahij Al Bilaaih with indication to reasons The first section examines the argumentary patterns: doctrinal, ethical, legislative, or humanistic. The second section investigates the argumentation significance and its linguistic characteristics. The research main results are as follow: - The argumentation has intentional functions resulted from situation and attitude which are being psychologically socially and politically confused - The argumentation in Nahij Al – Blaqih goes beyond linquistic norm to the domain of guidance and instruction - The variety of argumentation in Immam Ali Discourse in Nahij Al – Blaqih - The openness of argumentative discourse to other Styles as: Verbosity description deletion preference of Verbal - Sentence rather than nominal one inclusion and repetition

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