Malapropism as a Slip of The Tongue

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10/2/2015 8:35 AM

Malapropism as a Slip of The Tongue

Assistant Instructor: Shatha Naiyf Baghdad University/College of education for Women/English department


Fatigue and quick speech can be the best causes that may lead to production of tongue slips in speech. Malapropism is taken from Mrs. Malaprop in Sheridan 'The rivals' who used to produce tongue slips. The present study aims at explaining why certain words are produced instead of the intended one and to prove that the more phonologically similar a phoneme is to the replaced phoneme of a given word the more likely is the production of malapropism. It sheds lights on the main causes that lead to malaprops providing examples containing intended and replaced words In fact, slips are temporary slips for the intended word is known by the speaker but has been inadvertently replaced by another. But Mrs. Malaprop produces these slips out of ignorance. The term 'malapropism' is not misused; it was generalized to refer to the slips that the character used to produce.

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