Poeticalness of the Prose in the Arabic Traditional

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14/1/2015 9:53 AM

Poeticalness of the Prose in the Arabic Traditional

Dr. Sundus Muhsin Hamidi Department of Arabic / College of Islamic Sciences


The research has reached with some conclusions .One of them is that the composition does not mean poetry , but it is one form of meter and rhyme .Thus , the scientific poetry is called the scientific system .A number of critics such as Ibn Tabatba Al-Alawi (327 A.H) ,Ibn Rasheeq A-Kairwani (456 A. H), Hazim Al-Kirtaji (684 A. H) , and others refused to call peace of poetry ,with meter and rhyme ,as poetry .They put restrictions for a real poetry , some of them are to reproduce various meanings , skillfulness of image and provoke influence on the receiver . Moreover, the artificial prose has its own music ,called rhyming which is capable of creating an internal rhythm in the prosaic text as with poetry in meter and rhyme , and the prosaic or internal poetic music is realised in pronunciation in terms of stratification ,paronomasia and comparison .A third conclusion is that Poeticalness Are a number of features that make the predicative or the compositional text, in both poetry and prose into an emotional and impressionistic one, creating an emotional Convulsion in the receiver .Poeticalness, both in poetry and prose, is clearly recognised by the plain violence of the grammar of the language by means of advancing and postponement., or by means of the ungrammatical predication (metaphor ).Ibn-Rushd was the first who coined the idiom Poeticalness in his book ( Talkhees Kittab Aristo ) in poetry ,assigning Poeticalness to both poetry and prose as well.

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