Dhi Qar in the poetry of TFB

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14/1/2015 9:43 AM

Dhi Qar in the poetry of TFB


The summary The research is marked by (Dhi Qar in the poetry of TFB) to address poems that talked about the incident (Dhi Qar) famous in Arab history that it's the first battle won by the Arabs to the Persians, so take the poets Baltgne this glory, and was a poet and one of them, have studied these poems examine stylistic included the level voice of the poems from the repetition of characters, words and level of linguistic and structural, which included acts and the names and methods of command and question mark and the level imaging, which included images normative and profiles and also features the story in his poetry he employed the poet dialogue utilize beautiful to serve the main purpose, but the expression of emotions and ideas towards those who participated in the battle and did not participate in it. From the above we can conclude the following: 1. The search reference to the fact that already exist in the history books in the collections of poets, and in the minds of those who know, is that right holders even if they are few, if united, they are, thus, possible for them to face the forces of the greatest and several more and the number and even overcome them and this is what happened in Dhi Qar to adjust ).God and the upholding of the Great Prophet ( 2. Research has shown that the level of audio poems spoken by the poet, but taken from the repetition of characters, words, and what a way to discharge himself and confirming all that calls to him. 3. The poet deliberately to Altbara in the poems because of its emotional value of the splash and serve distinct purpose and goal, which aims to influence him through the receiver and attract the attention of listeners to him. 4. Poet's use of seas and long Kataiwal simple and complete because of the suitability of the existing situation, and its ability to absorb the many ideas, and emotions. 5. We found the prevalence of rhymes and Alzll Glaptha to others. 6. Adopted by the poet's speech several methods to develop a sense of the event and it was highlighted question and wishful thinking. 7. Resulted in the interaction of the poet with the situation that became infected to guarantee that the hair image lattice wonderful was the picture of normative them a share in the transport sincere and found the profile stand out in a clear and influential in the poetry of TFB, which dealt with (Dhi Qar), especially pictures metaphor and allegory and metaphor. 8. The poet employed the dialogue and the story well through the animal utilize through the emotions and feelings about what is going on in immortalized ideas and views on the day (Dhi Qar). 9. Turning to the poet (Dhi Qar) directly through the pride of this day, as well as he arrived indirectly through praise Nu'man bin or defamation of Warner did not participate in the event of the characters and the Arab tribes.

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