Red curtain symbol in European paintings (1600–1800 AD)

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16/11/2014 11:18 AM

Red curtain symbol in European paintings (1600–1800 AD)

By . Salam Adwer Allos


It is easily for any researcher in the European paintings history to observe many of the secondary formal vocabulary that repeated its appearance; some of them carried a Logical justification like the door shape on the room wall in a painting embodied an internal scene, some of them the recipient receives it granted for its more repetition therefor the eye used to it and became inherited visually, Not looking to it about the reason for its existence, for example, the volatile red curtains and drop-down. Some of these shapes may related to one drawer or group of contemporary drawers within the time period, the formal word may become a symbol can be observe its birth, followed by its first roots, limiting its repeated appearance and different during a consecutive time period as well as its interpretations, intellectual denotations, some of them its relation with the recipient and the society, or it is the formal words employed by the producer. Therefor this research was about the red curtain shapes in the European oil paintings in Baroque era and Rococo where its appearance was most prominent and extinguished, toward that the real goal results in disclosure about the symbolic denotations of red curtain shape and its role in supporting and enriching the intellectual contents in the achieved European oil paintings in Baroque era and Rococo in the second chapter some of researches have classified in what enrich the researcher and the reader by information quantity that able him to complete the analysis process in agree with the research goals the first one discussed the curtain among the job, theatre and symbol, the second one discussed the history and red color symbols but the third one discussed the European painting in Baroque era and Rococo the third chapter discussed information about the research society and methodology where depended on the stylistic descriptive approach of samples that numbers reached four and after the completion of analysis process the researcher reached to group of results in chapter four, included:
Affecting by the dramatic atmospheres in how a narrative text in a narrated 1. directive seeing for the spectator, with a comprehensive denotation as well as the effecting of the general theatrical shape (stage, curtain and lighting) on the drawer view that discussed his subject and ideas, Baroque drawers and Rococo presented many paintings the effects of theatrical atmospheres appeared very clear in it the appearance of the red curtain shape similar to the theatrical curtain was the most effect and extinguished in that. As it employed intellectual when it became in its red color which attract the attention, a symbol for the exciting which dispelled disclosing what behind it from secrets, the elements of surprise and astonishment at the recipient are cooperated to create a state of feeling by the discovery pleasure.
Because of the red color is a symbol of burning emotion and the attraction 2. related with the bodily exciting. It has employed the red curtain shape as a justification to appear the dark red sometimes or in its second shape in another time in most paintings that discussed the human love subject and the emotional relations or in paintings showed the feminine body charms to show the bodily exciting or assuring for the seduction idea.

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