Aesthetics of Color in Designing Commercial Advertisement

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16/11/2014 11:12 AM

Aesthetics of Color in Designing Commercial Advertisement


The current study deals with color treatment that a designer uses as it is one of the most important elements which share in evoluting a visible entity and direct the visual recognition of the audience who considers them as the visual reactor in the communication process. The study aims at identifying the aesthetic side of color in designing commercial advertisement . spatiotemporal limits of the study is restricted to commercial advertisements in Nenevah Governorate /Iraq 2009-2010. The second chapter of the study deals with theoretical frame which is covered by three sections; the first is an introduction of color, its psychology and its aesthetic side. The second deals with color cognition, the functional expressive dimensions of color employment and the designing space. The third section talks about the visual attraction and communication of color, the relation of color with designing constituents of the commercial advertisement, light value, form and touch. The third chapter expose the procedures of the study. As for the forth chapter; it deals with the achieved results that show color employment in designing commercial advertisement which used for accomplishing the expressive meaning and evoluting the aesthetic attraction of the signing results in addition to employ the visual touches the matter which gives a sort of vitality and dynamisim and reborn the embodied realism that is used for clarification and characterization of the most important active units that express the nature of the advertised good

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