Techniques of casting bronze sculptures in the old Iraq

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16/11/2014 10:43 AM

Techniques of casting bronze sculptures in the old Iraq


It is no doubt that though the artistic creativity and the distinctive capabilities of the Sumerian sculpture in the field of engraving on stone, but he could not conveythe real expression of his vision and his artistic ambtion only through using materials that depend a tecnology considered as invented and unprecedented in sculpture, which later on became an important and supporting factor in achieving his aim and his aesthetic vision which he sought to reach sculpting works made of stone more serious and more actual. And throughthese works he expressed his creative artistic personaity. He could employ this material, the bronze which is not free problems, to achieve what he could not achieve on stone before. Bronze ingot with its characteristicsgave the Sumerian sculpture a wide space and full lierty that accord with his ambitions in accomplishing the best. The characteristics of this material motivated him to artistic works were subject to high technology of molding through which he could free himself from the barriers of stone characteristics. So he never hesitatedin embodying sculpting works characterized with rality represented in, generally, freedom in moving the.hands, the legs and the body

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