The effect of parting parents on child through expressing art in their drawing

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16/11/2014 10:16 AM

The effect of parting parents on child through expressing art in their drawing


Children are the most affected persons by the crises of parting parents one or both of them because of divorce or death. whereas drawing is the most contiguous arts with the features of children life and the stronger effect on the feelings. So it was used as a scale to know how much they affect with family life, negative or positive to explain psychological and social affect on children and to find the right ways for treatment through civil society organizations that take care of orphans, widows and divorced women. The current research aiming to answer the following inquiries:. 1- Is there any effect on artistic expression stages for both stages (actual expression attempt, actual expression) which represent research sample that range ( 9-12 ) year. 2- Is there any social and psychological impact in children drawings? 3- Is there any difference in (artistic expression and social and psychological impact) between the orphan children and the children of divorced. -Theories:. 1- Theory of explanation of parting parents. First:. Psychoanalysis Theory. Second:. Social Learning Theory. Furthermore, the previous studies are also discussed two axes: 1- The Studies which related to missing parents . 2-The studies that related to the artistic expression. The Researcher followed the descriptive – analytical method to achieve the goals of the research. The sample drawings were collected to warrant the free expression of the subject (my family) for children with age (9-12) by (160) child distributed on civil society organizations in the Karkh and Rusafa. To determine the analysis tool (classification) the research adopted Ready classification which is a classification of (al-Obaidy).so after the researcher made the adequate adjustments that are compatible with the goals of research and display them to the experts included with the following modules. 1- module of configuration included ( 14 ) paragraph. 2 – module of colors included (19) paragraph 3 - module of lines included (9) paragraphs 4 – module of volumes included (4) paragraphs 5 - module of topics. After verifying the veracity of the content of the article the researcher reached to the results that made it clear that there are differences in the proportions of artistic expression modules and its psychological and artistic significance, which shows that the parting parents as a result of divorce more impact on the children while the researcher expected the opposite. Also found generally that the effect of parting parents lead to a decline in the expression of the technical characteristics of the stages they are going through, moreover there is a severe emotional impact in their drawing through the use of warm colors in a large ratios and dominant the black color. The appearance of random and radial lines and different shapes not defined, and the non-use of the available space of the paper for drawing. Researcher Dr. Hanan Azeez

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