The importance of technology tool carved wooden sculpture of contemporary Iraqi

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16/11/2014 10:06 AM

The importance of technology tool carved wooden sculpture of contemporary Iraqi


Tools are regarded as important vehicles in carrying out the sculptor work and an important creative elements of the creative works for its importance as far as the wooden object is concerned. Hence, the importance of the study which tools and their role in the formulation of the woody sculptures in chapter One, in addition to the definition of some basic terms that are relevant to the present study. The second chapter included two inquiries: the first inquiry tackled a historical preview of the use of wooden tools staring from the Greek civilization and ending in the modern Iraq. While the second inquiry tackled the tools used in sculpture with details of their volumes and types. The third chapter included a detailed description of the procedures of the study which the researcher followed , and which has been taken in the analytical descriptive based on observation in describing the samples according to the tools deducted from the theoretical framework. The chapter has also included the choice of sample which tackled four Iraqi artists known in their dealing with the wood, and their role in the movement of sculpture of Iraq, who are: (Khalid Al-rahal, Mohammed Ghani Hikmet, Khaleel Alward and Hadi Abbas Al-Saeed). The fourth chapter included the group of finding such as that the tools associated with the life of man and were developed according to the requests of life. The shovel and the hammer were known since ancient time and today their shapes were varied to be tens of types as in the second inquiry

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