Processors written in Assyrian wall sculpture

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16/11/2014 9:56 AM

Processors written in Assyrian wall sculpture


To talk about processors written in relief sculpture Assyrian it must be pointed to three assets first definition line unit junior to form a manifestation of forms through the tradition of its manifestations and simulation forms, custom line by scholars and researchers through several points of view and was told that he (resulting from the movement of a point in the path identifies edges surfaces) and told him that he (the most important element of the design) is formed line visible in the two tracks, the first in which the line it really exists formed three dimensions of the blocks length, width and height, which we dealt with him in search of the samples elected sculptural works mural artist Assyrian , second and virtual presence in composition depends on the laws of optical illusion, and contrast and optical and proportionality relations and the laws of perspective, a user in the other arts. Line in relief sculpture Assyrian it really exists three dimensions and appear in blocks of sculpture in murals relief sculpture Assyrian Khq longitudinally can be classified in three types, line interna deep has been used to suggest rigidity and strength, line interna average to suggest harmony and consistency surfaces blocs sculpture, line interna low suggestible gently and smooth surfaces of the blocks. Internal line appears in the art of sculpture with the advent of Sumerian relief sculpture and did use and evolved craftsmen formed in the Assyrian era has created the need to use in the process of sculpture to adorn the entrances of palaces of King Sargon II and temples structures and walls of the halls religious ceremonies and rituals. Light plays an important role in the visual manifestations of internal line in the Assyrian wall sculpture. He Assyrian sculptor in building wall sculptures technical configurations to use deep internal line to suggest strength and stiffness and prestige شخوصه which appeared in his sculptures he gives to feature built type severe limits opaque. Use sculptor Assyrian lines cavernous three types in Maagath sculpture has hired line interna deep in the formation of built form of the muscle of the arms and legs to suggest Beslaptha and strength and hired line interna light in the formation of built form Blankets clothes and tapes decorative embellished to suggest Brguetha and smoothness as hired line interna average to suggest dimension third or carved depth and consistency of texture and harmony in the roofs of the three levels of the bloc. Confirms data analytical study of the configuration process mass, and Maagath sculpture through appearances configuration artistic sculpture parietal Assyrian that sculptor Assyrian had a scientific methodology in the management of its activities creative, Maagath linear modulation sculptured and it is the first of care at optical line in formation sculptured.

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