Body and structural image in dramatic dance performances

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16/11/2014 9:46 AM

Body and structural image in dramatic dance performances


A body one of the tools stage actor as the element appears has and which he can find relations of communication, including surrounds, as well as it plays the body in the theater an important role in the play in general, and we see in the dance drama that has become a new style in the theater, which depends on the body directly through the claims ofthe language of communication and iteraction with the receiver as well as the production of many of the images thatrefer the recipient to the terms of reerence of an intellectual, historical and art through movement and formation mediated by the body, depending on the energy possessed by the ability to move itsparts in a manner consistent with the nture and the form is raised and this called for a researcher to formulate placed his research (the body and construction is in the dance drama fire from heaven, a model). The most important concl:sions reached by the researcher are Physical functioning of the system on .1 the production of motor movements andconditions that contribute to the show aethetic and artistic image of the play, where the richest body of the language delivering it to the meaning of the play Worked to give physical formations .2suggestive pictures of the dramatic nture of the conflict between good and evil, carriers intellectual and aesthetic implications of which helped the body / dancer on the rise of balling with his ability in the vicinity of Scenography and .theatrical space

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