Folklore in contemporary Iraqi drawing

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16/11/2014 9:36 AM

Folklore in contemporary Iraqi drawing


Off the importance of research for an attempt to study the use of contemporary pop culture artist in his works of art Contemporary Fine solutions to employ expressive and symbolic role of the items of the popular tradition to express the following topics: • topics that reflect the man next to him the material and spiritual, such as "envy and the Spirit" in the doctrine of life post-death to the ancients and their relationship to popular heritage in the mystical philosophy and grassroots groups beliefs. • Special Topics researcher's personal life and social try to express personal Iraq, where groping popular folk life and its relation to patterns of life in contemporary society. And there is a need for this research as an attempt to benefit researchers and scholars interested in the different arts through research the best ways to employ the popular tradition in painting Fine across art forms for a number of contemporary Iraqi artists.

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