Symbolic dimension in school metaphysical

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16/11/2014 9:28 AM

Symbolic dimension in school metaphysical


School is”metaphysical” school of art and philosophical look at the phenomena of the world in mind and not intuitive mystical blend of reason and passion and innovate techniques combine different and intellectual fantasies of recombinant and natural phenomena Vmekdrh rights to create symbols of the medium between him and the things of the most important features that distinguish it from other objects, thanks to the media was able to go beyond dealing with the physical world directly but only by invoking the Mamnha of the symbols of the place, and with the evolution of human consciousness has become a function of the symbol, more extensive and complicated nominally no longer a meaningful dimensions are fixed, but variety is determined not only by the context in which it appears this phenomenon is reflected in the technical field in particular, has been awarded the artists bypassing their symbols other dimensions beyond the symbolic humble him to embody their vision to the world around them with visions of spiritual fantasy metaphysical far from reality, and building on the adoption of the above research problem through the following question: Is there a symbolic dimensions in the metaphysical school? In the case of its existence as a mechanism of operation of the symbolic dimension in the school metaphysics? Did the dimensions is directly or indirectly?

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