Strategy metaphor for modern interior designs

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16/11/2014 9:18 AM

Strategy metaphor for modern interior designs


Metaphor in interior design has drawn the attention of theoreticians, critics and those specialized in the field ofinterior design. So This study has pinpointed some inaequacies of previous works, namely ambiguity and lackof well-defined frameworks, which emphasized the iportance of this work and outlined its problem, aims and procedure. In order to highlight the required framework, the research presented some definitions of the concept of «Metaphor as strategy» from different viewpoints and discussed the early studies tackling it. The research made use of literary and architectural studies to come out witha detailed theoretical framework for the metaphor in iterior design. This included many topics : What is meant by, metaphor, References, How to deal with references , The degree of strategy in metaphor. The realization of this framework represented the first stage of the methodfollowed in this study. As for the requirements of the seond stage (the application of the theoretical framework) , which were delimited by the choice of four groups of proects representing Post-Modernism approaches, in orderto find a general model that realizes the metaphor as straegy, the contrast between those four approaches, in order to find out the strategic factor that influence metaphor to create forms in interior design. The application required delineating the components of the framework applied as well as the hypotheses, data collection, and measurementof variables and the method of carrying out the measurment of the projects in the practical part of this study. As for the conclusions of the practical part, they emphasized the instrumental role of the designer and the metaphor means in communicating and enriching meaning of thisconcept in interior design. They also attributed the dicrepancies between the schools of Post-Modernism aproaches to the differences in their intellectual stands as well as their practical works tendencies. This outlined a special model for each of these approaches regarding the.strategy of metaphor manifested in its final product

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