Fatima Zahra when historians and orators (Bibliographic study)

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15/6/2014 11:06 AM

Fatima Zahra when historians and orators (Bibliographic study)

D. Yahya Ramsey Mohsen Faculty of Imam Kadhim (AS) Islamic Science University

(Abstract Research)

There are a lot of takes care of the legacy of the household (p) and from different Islamic sects, where draw works several dealt biography Zahra Virgin (p) was research deals with male workbooks that were classified for girlfriend (p) since the second century AH, which is my father Mkhnf, Lot bin Yahya bin Said Azdi (d. 157 AH / 773 AD) the first class-Zahra (AS) and until the fourth century AH. The research did not address books that quoted the stories told by friendly (p) such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad, and mark Majlisi in the seas, as well as compositions that draw them in languages other than English Farsi for example. Search was classified according to the submitted and entitled her behalf century who wrote it. As well as when dealing with search to a particular source is mentioned and explained at the same time that was seeded manuscript and whereabouts, and the place and time edition The author was printed, and inflicted Find schedule of works that were classified for Zahra (AS) in the Arab and Islamic heritage explored through the huge interest in authoring Price (p) according to the requirements of every age, and to be fully informed on the number of works that were classified and any thousand centuries in which more than any other.

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