Writing indebtedness and establish evidence

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15/6/2014 10:37 AM

Writing indebtedness and establish evidence

 D.Fawzi Turkish Khalifa al-Qaisi Comparative Jurisprudence College of Education - University of Anbar

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this paper has dealt with the rules of writing debts and making witnesses to them. It begins with defining debt linguistically and conventionally.it states the first writing of debt by the prophet Adam and his sons, it also displays a number of opinions and evidences.Then it discusses the evidences and gives prominence to what appears to be more accurate with the reasons.
 The paper details saying in the ruling of writing and the opinions of scientists, it discusses the enidences and chooses the most accurate and the reasons for that choice.it also explains the state of the writer and witnesses in different issues which contain a numberd opiniond opinions of the scientists.finally,the paper clarifies the rule of writing the partnership,the details and conditions of bonds and debts which should be contained in a document to achieve the wanted end.

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