Pathogenic at al-Ashmouni(D900AH)

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15/6/2014 8:31 AM

Pathogenic at al-Ashmouni(D900AH)

 T.A.Abdul Hassan Jadou Abd al Aboudi College of Arts/University of Al-Qadisiyah T.Laith Qabil Obaid College of Education/University of Karbala

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Found from the above as follows:
1 - The phenomenon in explaining the Alaalal Ashmouni included Alaalal deletion and Alaalal heart and Alaalal transport.
 2-The more the phenomena mentioned by Alaalal Ashmouni was the subject of substitution, and the reason for this is thatAlaalal replace the letters,but he regard the illness.
 3- Some issues of the heart and Alaalal Alaalal transport to speak only after it gets the delete.
 4-more questions but Alaala been taken into account for the lightness and to facilitate speech and hatred of the weight of the Tstqubha Araby, which is referred to by linguists and confirmed by the ancient scholars of modern voice lesson.
 5- Modern attributed the occurrence of more questions Alaalal to escape from the pursuing voices soft Faisorh Mottagrkh bilateral,to unite the movement, to become a slot or a long piece of Vibrioor to maintain harmony in the tissue CT.

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