Shrines of saints in Libya "Archaeological study Marih "

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12/6/2014 12:36 PM

Shrines of saints in Libya "Archaeological study Marih "

Assistant Professor Dr. Saadi Ibrahim al Daraji Center revival of Arab Scientific Heritage University of Baghdad

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We can be guided to many tombs in Libya through the calculations which represented by many writers in the Othman age . one of the important writes came in the book " the signs to some of western Tripoli tombs" which was wrote by abd alsalam bin Othman al tarabolsi and he was done of writing it in 1904 \ 1682 and he collected all of the tombs layed in the entire cost line between Tripoli and misrata . the main purpose of this journey to identify the holders and religious and social places and due to the importance of the book it was translated by the Italian writer Antonio cesaro During the Italian occupation , and he visited all the tombs which where mentioned in the book.Cesaro recorded in his journey many notes and he collected 318 tomb mentioned and 121 was having a dome.

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