Weird poets displaced in the pre-Islamic era

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12/6/2014 12:27 PM

Weird poets displaced in the pre-Islamic era

Assistant Professor Dr.Sabih Mzaal Jaber Center revival of Arab scientific heritage University of Baghdad

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Alienation, and Westernization and away, whether forcibly sense exile or voluntary in the sense of migration, it will generate nostalgia, and a sense of overwhelming homesickness spatial or alienation spiritual (emotional) and perhaps alienation resulting from exile or forced deportation by the authority, whether that authority is the authority of the tribe or authority governor of the state, this alienation is the hardest kinds of alienation, of human exposure.The creators of literature and art owners are subjected to such denials and this torment, since it began Authority impose its opinion and community leadership.The beginning was (tribe) and its strict authority over their children Valaqbilh was proud and rejoice when he stands out among the sons poet be its spokesman, and crossing her days and victories, and generosity of her sons, and (poetry) Bomjadha. But some poets located them injustice, and fighting, and expelled and chasing by the tribe, and deprived of the privileges of her children in the ratios to the tribe and ratios paternity, as happened to poets born, no poets, born to mothers who Hbashaat or Sodawat skin, and these so-called (Ogrbh Arabs) as well as poets and non-poets of the poor and the rebels to the laws and customs of the tribe they are fighting and chasing and deprived of inheritance.

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