Intertextuality Apostle in Andalusian praise poem

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12/6/2014 12:25 PM

Intertextuality Apostle in Andalusian praise poem

(Literary reference Noha Hussein Kndouh Arabic / College of Education University of Qadisiyah model)
A. Dr. Kamel Abed Rabbo Hamdan

(Abstract Research)

 With praise art important not Classy star throughout the Arab presence in Andalusia, Valkaron eight painted this art poetic dye advantage of others, like the abundance of production poetic, in a number of poems and length. Came most poems praise of the length limit passed the poet himself; that reinvests earlier texts, as there is a link between the Andalusian text and other texts his previous or contemporary. There intellectual effort built on the basis of the issue of quantitative abundance, or try brainstorms and this was baptizing Andalusian poet Conversation some Eastern texts.And read in the production Andalusian, and prepared him for the praise, was convincing the existence of dialogue based on the conversion of the very to the other, and this conversion has a purpose thrown to him, a goal positively, based delivery idea, product at Andalusian tasked with connecting his mind and expressed through opinion group , laminated frame Txba exaggerated.In order to represent a real fairy scene intertextuality, the dialogue in the Andalusian poetry came Bnmtin: Type I: verbal conversion (reverse pronunciation)Study II: moral conversion Law represents dialogue mediated by these two types, a tour of the linguistics and grammar, presentations and move freely from one purpose to another, move carries with it a lot of meaning purpose adapter with him to the purpose for which it prepared a poem for him ....All technical and agrees whim, what suits and the general atmosphere of the occasion, which is this a true representation of the content of intertextuality.

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