Family life in Iraq in the Umayyad period

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12/6/2014 12:00 PM

Family life in Iraq in the Umayyad period

Proff. Dr. Jassim Sagban Ali Education college for women Baghdad University History Dept.

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Quran said "the women are under the control of men" this doesn't mean that the men were dictators in the affairs of women . But the men were ready to bear most of their burden or loads . The women could not bear the difficult responsibilities. The men resemble her by long necked bottle and for her mild temper ,beside that they were similar with the egg of duck . There were a lot of women well-known in war ,politics and literature. Other women behaved for warship and asceticism. The family had desired to educate their children as our families doing now. The family know the influence of the relationship between mother and father on childhood. the Iraqi family educated the children how they could like the sacrifice , brave , trusty and dislike selfish . Iraqi family was very desire for the equal marriage which will make equal family, that took its influence on the relationship between father and mother and their children. The Iraqi family succeed to prepare generation of fighters who managed to achieve something that no previous generation could be achieve.

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