Albayrooni and his scientific efforts in mathematics and physics

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12/6/2014 11:37 AM

Albayrooni and his scientific efforts in mathematics and physics

Prof. D. Abbas Fadhil Al-Saadi Centre of Revival Arabian Science Heritage University of Baghdad

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He was born in one of suburbs of Khawarzm in 362 AH and he was died in 440 AH. Newton and Gregor quote from him the mathematical laws in the interpolation and he laid the first foundations for trig. He invented : Engineering and sequences triangulation angles and resolve many of the issues known as the engineering issues Bayroonism. He was able to give a new proof to the area of the triangle in terms of ribs. And he wrote 24 books and letters and articles in the field of mathematics. In the field of physics the Bayrooni discovered gravity and theory of relativity by more than six centuries before Newton . Albayrooni pointed pearls work( pots Almsttriqha)*. The research dealt with science of inhibitions and alheidrostateka mechanic. Albayrooni sald that the speed of light more than the speed of sound. He talked about the phenomenon of the tides in the seas and rivers.He built astronomical observatory to follow the movements of the sun and moon and stars.

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