Geographic Medicine

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12/6/2014 11:10 AM

Geographic Medicine

A. Experienced. Nabila Abdel Moneim Dawood Center revival of Arab scientific heritage University of Baghdad

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Find a study in the relationship between geography and medicine and a variety of sources, this study multiple. Valjgraveh is the image of the earth recipe haunted them and which of the seven regions and seas and mountains, prairies, rivers and cities geographical study of the Earth as the abode of the person or is the study of the natural environment of the human race and the geographical that analyzes the different factors that make up the natural environment and examines the impact of each factor separately and then the effects of allfactors combined to human life and health and activity.The doctor is mean to human health and protection from diseases so interested in housing and different depending on the location and types and said the effect of each type of health diseases it causes.So the doctor says David Antioch "in his ticket that need medicine to this science definite until he was about to be one of the reasons necessary to the severity of different diseases of people and conditions treated according to their homes, the doctor if he knew if the province and singled his family its emergency dragged him treatment. Thus Concern Active and climate and their relationship to human health of common interest between geographers, doctors, and this special interest Find art is medical geography.

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