Oral health status of patients after replacement of removable partial dentures after three years

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22/5/2014 11:15 AM

Oral health status of patients after replacement of removable partial dentures after three years

Sahar A. Naji, B.Sc., M.Sc., ⃰
*Assistant Instructor, Medical Technical Institute, Baghdad, Foundation of Technical Education


Objective(s): To assess the effect of removable partial dentures on the abutment teeth in comparison with that of the remaining dentition, and to investigate the effect of regular check up on periodontal health for patients using this type of prosthesis.
Methodology: One hundred patients wearing removable partial dentures for at least three years included in the study. Teeth used as direct or in direct retainers for the removable partial denture were considered as the study group, while the remaining dentition in the same jaw was considered as the control group. The following periodontal parameters were registered for each tooth, plaque and gingival indices, clinical attachment level and tooth mobility. Patients were divided into two groups as regular and irregular attendants. Results: Among the 100 patient, 30 were regular attendants. A significant difference in clinical attachment level and plaque accumulation was detected between study and control group of teeth. In addition there was a statistically significant difference in all periodontal parameters between regular and irregular attendants
Recommendations: The Patient palaces for removable partial denture must maintain visits so we can check the removable partial denture and supporting teeth for any problem. Also, call for an appointment as soon as you develop any problem with your denture.
Keywords: periodontal removable partial denture

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