Planning to build a base for evaluating e-government services in Iraq

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13/5/2014 8:44 AM

Planning to build a base for evaluating e-government services in Iraq

Jan Syril fadhelalla
Canter for Market research and consumer protection University of Baghdad


Associated with e-government philosophy of the government the actual natural source of information and services, Also, citizens and businesses and various organizations located in the community treated as beneficiaries wish to take advantage of this government information and services, This represents a fundamental change in the culture of the implementation of government services and transactions and look towards the citizens and business, The aim of the strategic e-government is to support and streamline government services to all parties concerned, And use of information technology helps to connect all parties together and strengthen the activities and processes, That it is in the e-Government supported the electronic media and contribute to strengthening the quality of work provided by the three parties involved (government, citizens and businesses).
This study analyzes the quality of management required by the electronic transitions, which included their mark different aspects of the economy and contemporary society. The analysis included theoretical and practical aspects of the field survey of the views of a sample of citizens in the province of Baghdad. The study sample included (402) questionnaire.
Field survey showed the presence of ambiguity and conceptual confusion on the subject of e-government and the nature of adequate adaptation not with standing Hamas respondents to shift towards methods of e-government. The study showed a number of obstacles to e-government was the most important failure of the legislation, Lack of funding, technology and information, human elements and the weakness of social consciousness. The study showed the most important requirements of the conceptual, technical, legislative, both human and financial resources for this transformation.
Key words: E- Government, Department of Information Technology, Applications of electronic management.

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