Fashion Between Consumer Ambitions and Commercial Markets Rulers (AL-Rosafi Ready-made Clothes Market) As Model

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12/5/2014 1:15 PM

Fashion Between Consumer Ambitions and Commercial Markets Rulers (AL-Rosafi Ready-made Clothes Market) As Model

Salim Saleh AL-Tmimi(
 Market Research & Consumer Protection Center)

 Mahmod Gbari AL-Robaiee(College of Education for Women University of Baghdad)


The fashion accused important optical avenge with the rest of visual elements, That style of fashion design stir up beautiful feelings by using fashion forming that is suitable with the nature of designable treatments to other elements .The fashions contains the nature of relation ships of educational address and the kind of beliefs, So the visual beauty is limited for those relation which are the designer fashion tried to redesign. The most important deductions of the research are:
1. The increment of the prices of the crude materials of clothes and the prices of their basic materials for production have pushed the market toward looking for substitutes (with lower category and low quality) to be uses widely by public.
Stressing mainly on the external features and look. 
2. The rules of markets, specifically the low of (offer and demand) have imposed the importers to import clothes with bad quality and cheap prices, then just to be sold back to the customers in high price using their high demand and need for clothes.
3. The low income of majority of people plays a big role in directing the importers to look for a bad quality clothes with reasonable values that go with their in come. Still, yet, regarding the prices, the low and bad quality of clothes considered to be expensive.

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