The development effects of the public Expenditure on price level (2005-2011).

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12/5/2014 9:08 AM

The development effects of the public Expenditure on price level (2005-2011).

Khalil Ismail Ibrahim( Market research and consumer protection)


 For public expenditures several effects in various purposes, political, social and economical in all countries, Iraq one them it is possible for these expenditures to be contribute in desired changes if they could be employed by a way& coming back with advantage aims for society and economics.
This research try to clarified the effect of public expenditures at a general level of price in Iraq, then it be clear by the research there was alternate effects between the two variable so it must give an appropriate interest to reach the particular requested aims from increase public expenditures size and avoid or decrease harmful reflections to take into consideration that public expenditures seems as weapon with two borders so it is useful when employ in appropriate fronts and quantities but it perhaps give disadvantage results when it employ in a bad way.
Key words: Public expenditures, Price level, Society, Economics.

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